Monday, 9 November 2015

The Game Kick

The Game Kick
“OMG, Am I going to miss the big kick”? I am constantly thinking  nervously!!
As I put the ball in the correct position,
  I start to creep back slowly into the field,
listening to the crowd going wild. I can feel my sweat dripping down my face. My heart is
PUMPING that fast it feels like I am missing a beat. I have a terrible feeling I’m going to miss this kick. I aim the ball in the center of the goal post and kick the ball. The audience goes quiet for 10 seconds at least then they all go WILD.
Yipeee I yell while I am going around the audience high fiving them all. HOORAY my team is saying to me over and over. We finally finish the game and I am now on my way home to a well deserved sleep. No doubt I will dream about my game saving kick.

Written By: Kyra-Leiana

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