Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Whainga Ako: Write a story about the DELICIOUS LASNGE.

File:Mexican lasagne closeup,

One bright sunny morning our classroom room eleven ( ruma tekau ma tahi ) made a lasagne for shared lunch. First the class had to sit on the whariki and wait till Miss Cross Gives us a job.

Elga-Jean and Kitahna had to cut the onions and the rest of us had to do the mince. When we done the mince we had to do it until the mince went brown then it was the other person's turn.

While we were doing the mince we put in the onions, tomato paste, brown sugar and the silver beat in with the mince.
While the people were doing the mince all the other people who were waiting for their turn had to go on to their rorohiko and look for a recipe to make a white sauce.

When everything was done we layered it all out until it was time to put it in the oven.  The we waited until it was ready for us to eat.
there were some girls and me that played netball then we had the DELICIOUS lasagne. It was so nice everyone wanted some more but there wasn't enough left so everyone done there dishes and then we got a book and went outside.


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